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10bbl three vessels beer brewery equipment

basic information
Product description


Malt Milling System

1. Malt Mill: Material: stainless steel and chrome plate roller;

2. Double roller type malt mill machine;

3. Equipped with motor, belt pulley, belts, etc;

4. Working capacity, power and dimension is decided according to mashing system.

    This part is the necessary part among the whole brewery equipment.

5.Optional: Flexible conveyor and grist hopper


1.Inner tank thickness: 3mm;

2.External tank thickness: 2mm;

3.Domed head thickness: 3mm;

4.Insulation layer:Rock Wool-thickness: 80mm;

5.Heating way: Electricity heating/Steam heating/Direct fire heating;

6.Exhaust chimney for condensate;

7.CIP cleaning device: Material: SUS 304; Comprehensive cleaning;

8.Polishing precision up to Ra0.4µm;

9.Outsourcing surface: Plate protection and sand polish on welding seal.

The mashing system is the key part in the whole brewery equipment.



1. Inner tank material thickness: 3mm;

2. Outer tank material thickness: 2mm;

3. Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 80 mm;

4. Internal and external plate protection and sand polish on welding seal;

5. Temperature mode: PT100 temperature probe, temperature transmitting, temperature control panel display;

6.  Feeding method: Ethylene glycol or alcohol water fill into the tank from the top manhole.

     Refrigeration water fill into ice water tank from the top manhole;

7. Discharging method: Ethylene glycol water discharge from the ethylene glycol outlet on bottom of ice water tank.

Refrigeration water discharge from the refrigeration water outlet on bottom of ice water tank.


We use high quality Australia Coolsoon or Copeland Compressor chiller, this will be very good use in the whole beer brewery, effect the cooling of the beer.

Why Choose QIHUI?

Top quality 

All the stainless steel from Pohang (Zhangjiagang);

Factory tooling equipment including laser cutting machine, Shears, rolling cone machine, rolling plate machine, polish machine, etc...;

All the welding and polish workers come from Ningbo, have been working at least 5 years for brewery equipment; 

All the tank do Pickling passivation, never happend the rust, keep the food standard products.

2. Professional technology design 

6 technology workers in technology design, all of the them have working for brewery equipment more than 15 years;

All the person is craft beer lover.

3. Best price

Qihui in Chinese means : 


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